Monday, September 22, 2014

21 Awesome Google Tips & Tricks

Do you like discovering new Google related tips? I sure do! And that’s why I’ve created an extensive series of 21 Awesome Google tips covering a wide variety of the Google products we all love (Google Search, Chrome, Drive,Plus, Maps, Calendar, Gmail, Adsense, YouTube) and more!

  1. Google Search: Your personal search trends
  2. Google Chrome: Tab to search
  3. Google Search: Search like a pro
  4. Google Doodles: The archive
  5. Google Alerts: What you care about, as it happens.
  6. Google Docs: Interactive table of contents
  7. Google Shortener: Shorten your links with Google
  8. Google Maps: Back in time
  9. Google Location: Where you’ve been and when.
  10. Google Dashboard: All you account data, in one place
  11. Google YouTube: Playlists, Mixes and More.
  12. Google Translate: More than what you thought.
  13. Google Calendar: All in one.
  14. Google Trends: Discover, Analyze and Optimize.
  15. Google Security: Secure your Google account, now.
  16. Google Device Manager: locate, lock, erase.
  17. Google Adsense: Make money with John.
  18. Google Adwords: Advertising with Bill.
  19. Google Chrome & Search Tricks.
  20. Google Gmail: 15 awesome tricks.
  21. Google Plus: Series finale.


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