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How to add a free chat room for your website ?

How to add a free chat room for your website ?

What do we offer ?

Need a live free chat for your website ? phpfreechat is made for you. Your visitors can thus discuss through public and private chat rooms. In addition, the interface is customizable on desktops, tablets and smartphones to fit your website design.


  • Free version
  • JQuery plugin client side
  • PHP code server side
  • Keep data on your server
  • Deep customization
  • Share with community
  • Contribute to the code
free chat room

free chat room for your website

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WordPress theme free download almost instantly, meaning that you can have your dream website up and running in no time what so ever! Free download WordPress templates and themes are so simply to install that everyone is doing it! All you need to do is find your ideas choice and you’re ready to get going! The next part of this article will point out some of the many different genres of WordPress free themes are available to you.
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If you have artwork or photography that you are proud of and looking to showcase, or even sell, then you need to go for download WordPress templates that are going to highlight your work. We have a whole collection of nulled themes for WordPress just perfect to showcase your portfolios. There are the more simple designs, for those who want to go for more of a modest template, or more intricate and detailed template which have beautiful frames and others stunning features which will highlight your work gorgeously.
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If you are a blogger or writer and wish to post your articles in a WordPress theme free download, then it’s first important to think about what style you wish to go for. Think of your readers and what they would like see, as well as thinking about what you are actually writing about. Use the theme of your writing as the basis for what WordPress free themes download you wish to go for. For example, if you write a regular blog about animals in the wild, you might want to take a look at WordPress free themes such as ‘Wild Child’ or ‘Rawed’. These are both gorgeously designed as well as of the highest performance. They’re also a bit of fun too.
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WordPress free themes 2013 are just getting better and better. As well as the classic beauty templates like ‘Kiss Kiss’ and ‘Your Mine’, which boast high gloss, colorful layouts, we have a whole load of new WordPress free themes for you to choose from. Our personal favorite out of all the new WordPress free themes 2013 would have to be ‘Juice It Up’. This gorgeous template is warm and inviting on the eye as soon as you look at it. There are stunning patterns of multicolored paint slicked from top to bottom of the site, reaching the
Free WordPress themes for men
Free theme WordPress for men are those templates that ooze masculinity in their style and format. Download WordPress templates which are male orientated are usually a lot more simple yet sleek than those for female. Men tend to like navigating with ease through a website, and are less concerned about the aesthetics as they are the functionality. This is why we have a whole range of free download WordPress templates and themes designed specifically for men. Something like ‘Men in Jem’ is a perfect example of a stylish yet simple template which is completely free for use.
Free WordPress themes for women
As touched upon before, WordPress nulled themes for women tend to be those that have elements and designs that are lovely to look at and pleasing on the eye. Our most popular WordPress free themes for women are those that tend to have hints of pinks, purples and lilacs throughout. These colors give off a more feminine vibe, and are really warm and welcoming in tone. Additionally, once you have picked you free themes for WordPress for women or anything else, there is the option to download free premium plugins as well. For a site aimed at ladies, you may want to choose something like a slideshow widget, allowing users to browse through pictures of products or whatever else you wish to display.
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The great thing about all of our templates is the fact that the WordPress free themes download straight onto your device as quickly as anything. A few moments after hitting ‘download’, your great new WordPress free themes will begin to download and install. Once installed, you are able to actually personalize your website to accommodate all your wants and needs. For example, if you require the layout to look a little different, then there is the option to move around text boxes, image boxes and so on. This will also allow for those people using free WordPress themes to add a little individuality and personality to their site, making sure it doesn’t resemble exactly the same web page as another.
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As well as our great range of nulled WordPress themes, we also have a gorgeous selection of bespoke templates which you may pay for. The paid option gives you everything that the free templates do, except you are ensured that no one else around the world will have an identical website to you. You are able to adapt your paid WordPress templates to such an extent, that your site will be well and truly individual and unique. We have a whole host of options to choose from, and just like with the free varieties, we urge our users to look through the specific categories in the paid section in order to easily navigate and find exactly the design and style they had their hearts set on.