Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How to Create Your Own Facebook Clone Networking Site

How to Create Your Own Facebook Clone Networking Site Using PHPFOX Script ?

We all know about Facebook, Google+ and Twitter very popular networking sites and there are many more sites coming up all over the places. Many of the internet marketers are discovering how to gain profit from these websites.

If you need to start your own facebook like social website for social networking, PHPFOX
is a nice solution.

How are these social networking sites beneficial for you?

Promoting : 
You need to promote your site to some extend, members of social networking site will do huge promotion for you by inviting their friends to join, and then their friends invite some more friends to join and so on.

Content : 
You don’t need to worry about adding content because the members of your site do it for you by communicating with one another. In each and every communication they keep on writing something on your social networking site that means they are adding content.

Market Research : 
Most of the research is done by the members in terms of filling their profiles they giving all the information that is needed for your market research.

There are many social networking scripts which enables you to set up your own networking site very easily. Today in this article I will be talking about one of the most popular networking site called PHPFOX.

PHPFOX is a most popular networking script that offers an easiest way to create your own Social Network site. So let’s see the overview, features, requirements and installation.

Watch Site Demo of script –

Watch Admin Demo of script –

How to start a social website for easy ?

This method is a unique one for you. Buy a Hosting plan from WEBURL with a domain or with your domain and use open source social network scripts freely available with WEBURL web hosting plans.

Available free scripts for you to start your own social network website:
See more details >>

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