Sunday, July 20, 2014

Shoot The Flurry - Android Apps on Google Play

 Shoot the Flurry android game

This game has developed by Rushan Jijayanga.


You are provided with metal balls which move around the wheel in a circular path. When you tap anywhere on the screen, a metal ball escapes from the wheel and flies in a linear direction. Try to hit as much balloons as possible to collect your score. Its all about your correct timing to tap on the screen so that metal ball will move to meet a balloon.


- Three levels with three different target scores to complete each level.

- Compare your scores with other players all over the world using leaderboard.

- You can play already completed levels anytime from the levels menu.

- A help screen is provided to understand the game play.

Enjoy Shooting The Flurry!!!

Rushan Vijayanga Samarakoon

Me and some of my friends have developed a android game. We published it on the 

google play some days ago. Can you please promote our game via your page. 

Below i have dropped the link of the game in google play and 

our fb fan page. Please do what it possible for you.

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