Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Stefano Boeri's Vertical Forest Under Construction in Milan

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Amazing idea with eco-minded architectural designer Stefano Boeri contributed the spirit of architecture for human kind with a hope of conservation of Nature.

In the drawing there a fascinating new pair of residential tower , Vertical Forest towers. It's called Bosco Verticale. That is being constructed at Milan, Italy. Designed by architect Stefano Boeri, Bosco Verticale is being construed as “a project for metropolitan reforestatiion that contributes to the regeneration of the environment and urban biodiversity without the implication of expanding the city upon the territory”. Towering over the city’s skyline the world's first forest in the sky will be a sight to behold. The 27 storied building will accommodate nearly one hectare of forest trees as tall as oak and amelanchiers in its cleverly designed balconies. The 365 and 260 foot emerald twin towers will house an astonishing 900 trees, 5,000 shrubs and 11,000 ground cover plants.

This is a concept illustration of how Bosco Verticale will look like when completed.

It looks like one of those jazzy renderings we show of vertical farm fantasies,but this one is real and under construction. It is Stefano Boeri's Bosco Verticale, or Vertical Forest, being built in Milan.

The two towers have giant cantilevered staggered balconies that permit fairly big trees, since there is a minimum of two storeys over every balcony.

Forest Tower Nearing Completion in Milan
This fantastic tower going  to be real, now its reaching the completion date for the world’s first vertical forest.

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Grate News !

Now the world tallest vertical forest tower is being built in Colombo , Sri Lanka , Clearpoint Tower in Ragajiriya. Clearpoint Tower will be 46 stored building with balconies and corridors full of treas and bushes.
Indeed Bosco is the first vertical forest tower , then Clearpoint Tower which is being constructed and will be finished in 2015 in Sri Lanka not only the first vertical forest tower in Sri Lanka but also the tallest vertical forest tower in the world.

The World's Tallest Vertical Garden Standing at 46 Floors with 164 apartments, Clearpoint Residencies will set a new standard in high-rise living in Sri Lanka.
Experience a lifestyle that can only be described as truly unique with garden terraces outside each apartment.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the advantages of ground floor living on every floor with panoramic views of high-rise homes.


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