Friday, December 12, 2014

Google Street view launched in Sri Lanka

Global technology leader Google Inc. yesterday said it would begin imaging Sri Lanka for its ‘Street View’ service to create new views of the country to share with the world.

Google Street view launched in Sri Lanka“Our attractions should go to digital media. This will allow more people to discover Sri Lanka and at the same time, allow people in Sri Lanka to explore new parts of their country online,” Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority Director General D.S. Jayaweera said.

The service provides 360 degree views and navigation of streets as if the viewer was walking down the road and can be accessed on Google Maps by using the ‘pegman’ icon.

Google Asia Pacific Director of Public Policy Ann Lavin, who had flown down to Colombo, expressed that the benefits of Street View to a destination couldn’t be overstated.

“After we introduced Street View, the Mayor of Pompeii said that there was a 25 percent tourism growth year-on-year,” she said.
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